Source: [010212 E NEWS] Korean Idol Star Cars _no.1 jaejoong

2012년 2월 1일 tvN – E NEWS
아이돌 애마의 몸값 순위
1. 김재중 Kim jaejoong 2:50
2. 박유천 Park yuchun
3. G-드래곤 G-dragon
4. 산다라박 sandara Park
5. 임슬옹 Im seulong

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41 thoughts on “[010212 E NEWS] Korean Idol Star Cars _no.1 jaejoong

  1. Jaejoong cars collection 
    1. Lamborgini Murcielago LP640
    2. Bentley Continental
    3. Audi R8
    4. Ferrari 458 
    5. Rolls Royce Wraith
    6. Mitsuoka Himiko


  2. Since they can't promote on TV and can't perform as they wish in Korea…JYJ work like animals to get the money they have. No one works harder than they do to write, compose, direct, promote and perform all over the world in order to make it now before they have to go to the military.

  3. Then it wasn't given it was just lendt. They had them sleeping 5 to a room for 6 years and only provided 1 room in a hotel while on the road. JYJ each have their own everything now. They still would have nothing but debt if they stayed with SM bloodsuckers.

  4. The R8 is not included. SM Ent provide Audi cars to their artist instead of paying them money. So when JYJ left SM, they had to give back the Audi R8 they had.

  5. Yup. and now they have a LOT more money. Jaejoong was named the 4th richest idol in 2012. JYJ has enough to buy a recording studio. and Jaejoong co-owns a restaurant.

  6. JYJ is rich babyyy! rich after they leave SM! that's good! then i wonder why xiah is not in the top 5 but then i remember xiah is spending money building his own luxurious house!

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