Source: 6ix9ine Addresses Rumors of Him Being BROKE & HOMELESS! (Millions in Cash!)

1:29 69 Addresses Rumors of Being Broke
3:28 Counts of Money for “Lil Durk”
5:22 69 Back in Brooklyn Behind the Scenes
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6ix9ine Address the Rumors of Him Being BROKE!

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47 thoughts on “6ix9ine Addresses Rumors of Him Being BROKE & HOMELESS! (Millions in Cash!)

  1. Ol federal agent fake ass…It's weird how he lifts his little cheap short shorts when he says "this really my lifestyle"…I've never seen someone really living any lifestyle that has to constantly try and prove it like this…he's like a lame in school trying to convince ppl he's cool and now hes claiming this is all fake money and not his stuff in this video and honestly it looks like prop money and fake watches lol

  2. He's a whole rat he's spending money and getting money by telling on ppl make it make since ain't nobody buying his music or yall slow are what ?? I can be the Queen of NY if I had Rat on the whole city why u think they did that 5 minutes video for come one he's a troll.

  3. He act like he leaning back on niggas and they don't even got em" acting like he got hella niggas…all them niggas hatem low-key in the video..clown nigga.🤣🤣🤣

  4. Sheesh they only report the bad stuff but not what he doing behind the scene's or who really working with him on that level. And Just cause he Rat ya need to understand people in the industry Rat behind the scene's to so they just need cut the act.This man still getting his bread and living his best life

  5. They sure fell right into his trap damn he just fucked them up big time those fuckers are crying balling there eyes out wondering how this dude does it. And I'll let you know how right now it's because he's Mexican and Porto Rican and they are smart with there money when they get it and it's about just knowing the dirt you crawled out of and never going back so you make smart buys

  6. All the dumbass that think he broke you know he was waiting for this so he can rub it in there face and pull another one and another one. Lol love it I love it fuck ya stuntmotherfucker flex 💪

  7. Bro you're not super dope but you're doing your thing with the music part that's what the people see you got a lot of views 3 million views in11 hours 1.3 million some were in dat Park, views in 11 hours they respect that more than this!!look at the views (📢 STOP 🛑🙏) dat looks guffy ✌️..

  8. 5:03 No. It’s apart of marketing a strategy. Him being quiet before a release doesn’t mean anything. Plus he’ll get more engagement like this. Having him pop up here and there is cool anyway. He still makes exciting music you can workout to.

  9. Funny how he’s too broke for a lawsuit, but has over a million dollars in his trunk, and a bunch of nice vehicles. This guy talks so much shit I’d swear his mouth was an asshole. You never know when he’s lying and when he is telling the truth.

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