Source: A and E Leisure Auto-Trail AirCon News – Vlog #330

A and E Leisure Auto-Trail AirCon News – Vlog #330

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Please watch: “Fulltime Motorhome Visit to Fordingbridge 28-07-2018”

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17 thoughts on “A and E Leisure Auto-Trail AirCon News – Vlog #330

  1. Hi you three glad to see that you are not dealing with those amateurs anymore. Will be interested to see the work you are having done as we have a motorhome too. Take care bye bye for now! Love Louise Craig and scamp x

  2. Good that your having the aircon again, does that work of mains or 12v or both ? Good to see you looking more relaxed now you are not dealing with the mentioned motorhome dealer. Here’s to moving forwards

  3. Well done with the air con, yes yes good idea community will do on my way ! Steve deal done caravan arrives July sometime done what you suggested 2 batteries and 120w solar extra sockets and usb and 12 volt sockets too sprite major 4 EB
    Thanks guys to you both for all your inspiration and may it continue😀

  4. Hi Steve & Wendy, great idea about the Facebook group, I’ve put in a join request just now.
    Glad to hear you’re moving forward with your plans to get A&E Leisure working on the upgrades, they seem to know exactly what they’re doing – unlike “trouble world” (!)
    I would be interested if you’re thinking of selling the original extractor fan when it’s removed to make way for the aircon – I have an older omnivent on my van which doesn’t let much light in. Let me know if you’re interested – thanks!

  5. So pleased at last you found a decent repair shop .👏
    You will benifit greatly from the fitted a.c unit,as most ladies spend their lives in the kitchen,and being of that age when hot flushes rule ones life……for me it was pure heaven !!😤.
    Can't help you in the sharing on other mediums but….through simply telling everyone I know about you I have added a few more to the subs list
    Best wishes all x💕

  6. Hi Steve, great update, shared on twitter and will do the same on facebook tomorrow, just tried joining the group cant wait to catch your new videos. J and K.

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