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The rumors that Shakira and Piqué are in the process of separating do not stop growing. Several media reports that the singer had “caught” the soccer player with another woman and this would have caused the end of her marriage.

Some journalists dare to comment that Piqué no longer lives in the family home and would have moved to his bachelor apartment. In the midst of all this maelstrom, the magazine Hello! publishes that last Saturday a strange incident occurred near their house in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Shakira and Piqué could be separating.

EDITORIAL / Other Sources

The magazine’s sources say that there were two cars parked on the side of the road that leads to the address. One was from Piqué and the other was from Shakira. Near these there was an ambulance and inside was the singer crying. Witnesses say that she appeared to be having an anxiety attack.

The soccer player was outside the vehicle wearing jeans and a white shirt. He seemed to be quite affected as well. There was a moment when he approached her and offered her a hug, she accepted it and seemed to be more comforted.

Shakira, with Piqué and their two children.


The magazine has in its possession a series of images in which Shakira’s mother appears. She is she also seems to be very affected and she was crying on the side of the road. The scene was so shocking that she began to draw the attention of people passing by.

The same witnesses assure that there was no accident. When they had the opportunity, they all went to the family’s usual clinic in Barcelona.

The couple has always shown to be very united.


twelve years together

The love story between Piqué and Shakira

The first time the two spoke was at the World Cup in South Africa. Piqué wrote to her before the ceremony where she performed to wish her luck and ask her what the atmosphere was like there. But they didn’t meet until shortly after at the Rock in Rio festival.

A year later they were already an official couple. They have never been married but have had two children together. Both have always shown an image of great unity and she has dedicated several songs to him and until two months ago she regularly published photos with Piqué on her social networks.

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