Translated From: Actor Diego Camacho died at the age of 63

Discovered on: 2021-11-07 19:34:56

Actor Diego Camacho died at age 63 – photo: Caracol Radio

The Caracol TV television program, La Red, confirmed that the renowned actor Diego Camacho died at the age of 63, this Sunday, November 7, 2021, according to what they said, the news was confirmed by the artist’s relatives although they did not have clear the reasons for death.

The actor who was born in Bogotá, completed more than 40 years of career in entertainment and is remembered for productions such as ‘San Tropel’ and ‘Oye Bonita’, where he played the character of the Turk.

“Actor Diego Camacho passed away at the age of 63. The death of the artist, who had a career of more than 40 years on the screen, was confirmed by his relatives, but the causes are still unknown, “they shared from the program on their Twitter account.

However, the actor’s story is not entirely good, in a 2016 interview, the same Caracol television program, La Red, shared the life that the actor had today and arrived at his home in the municipality of Anolaima where he had spent the last few years. Apparently the success did not help him much because he lost all his money and according to the neighbors, Camacho had been evicted from his home because he did not have the means to pay his debts. The eviction occurred because the owners of the house could not hold out any longer without receiving the rent paid by the actor and after several loans they decided to end the contract, “the owner took his things out on the street and without a place to live after be raided 11 times, “commented those close to him.

So far no more details are known about the death of the artist.

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