Translated From: Actor Diego Camacho dies at 63

Discovered on: 2021-11-08 01:42:39

During this Sunday, November 7, the news about the death of actor Diego Camacho was known. The artist’s relatives were in charge of communicating the information and in the program La Red de Caracol Televisión they were in charge of developing the news. Camacho became a recognized character on the small screen at the national level, because he had the responsibility of playing multiple characters that marked several generations of our country.

According to the information that has been known so far, Diego Camacho He had been suffering from some health problems and was also in a difficult economic situation. The problems faced by the renowned actor would have caused a sudden death, since people close to the family have reported seeing Diego with vitality in recent months. Some of the actor’s colleagues reported on social networks to mourn the death.

The career of the man from Bogotá is remembered for his participation in ‘Oye bonita’, ‘San tropel’, ‘La viuda de blanco’, ‘Las aguas mansas’ and ‘Yo amo a Paquita’. In addition, some national film productions also had the presence of Camacho in their scenes, ‘The Ambassador of India’ and ‘Karma, the weight of your acts’ were the feature films in which the late Bogota actor had a role.

In different media The friendship between Diego Camacho and Hernando ‘Culebro’ Casanova, another well-remembered national television artist, has been highlighted. Both shared a set during the program ‘El Show de Jimmy’, in the ‘Recochan Boys’ and in ‘Musiloquísimo’. The time of the eighties and nineties was framed by the different protagonists that Camacho played.

Meanwhile, The details about the funeral that will be held in honor of the renowned Colombian actor are unknown. Just a couple of weeks ago, the death of Abel Rodríguez, who coincided with Diego Camacho in the production ‘La viuda de la mafia’, had also been confirmed.

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