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The world of entertainment and soap operas are in mourning because Enrique Rocha died, as has been announced this Sunday, November 7. He was 81 years old.

The Mexican newspaper El Universal confirmed the news by quoting an employee of the actor: “Unfortunately, he already passed away today,” said Óscar Espejel.

This is known about the death of actor Enrique Rocha

According to El Universal, it was a “natural death”: “The man was in very good health, he had no precedent, everything happened very quickly and naturally,” said Carlos Espejel’s brother.

The newspaper explained that the details of the funeral will be announced in the next few hours. “In a couple of hours we will notify because we are still undecided, but in a couple of hours information will be given.”

The last time he was seen in a soap opera was in I Declare Guilty, premiered in 2018 alongside Mayrín Villanueva, Juan Soler, Irina Baeva and Juan Diego Covarrubias. However, in his resume he has at least 33 melodramas in which he acted.

Enrique Rocha: the unmistakable voice actor

Actor Enrique Rocha will be remembered not only for his acting work but for a peculiarity that always distinguished him: his deep voice. That earned him several times to embody villains that captivated the audience.

His work also included participating in various commercials for different brands. Her soap opera debut was through 1965’s ‘La mentira’. In 2016, she experienced a new facet by entering dubbing with her character as Bagheera in ‘The Jungle Book’.

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