48 thoughts on “Actress Thandiwe Newton put PAW$ on Channing Tatum over heated DEBATE about Will Smith VS Chris Rock

  1. Hey Thandie Newton you look so beautiful and I love when you was in the movie norbit with Eddie Murphy and Cuba gooding Jr and the pursuit of happiness with Will Smith and you look so beautiful in that movie thandie newton ❤️

  2. I know about people who will set you up to provoke you to anger, She was on purpose provoke to anger because he found out that the Will Smith situation would cause a angry trigger and she will blow up if he chose the wrong side.

    I don't know who name belongs to who cause I don't follow them but he the man probably no longer wanted to work with her in his movie so he provoked her to anger with a trigger topic and the spirits demons from Hell jumped in their spirit causing the rise in anger, and a screaming match broke out.

    She probably want say she noticed he was showing signs of behavior not happy with her acting so he purposely provoked me to anger and I fell for it.

    The thought said: Wait I know!! I will provoke her to anger so she will gets angry then I want back down then I have a legal reasons to end our contract movie agreement cause I no longer want to work with her.

    Then the movie I make when it is finished it will go viral and thousands will put down their cell phones for 2 hours and go see it.

    Unquote go head playa!

    To the unwise from me JWYTP ! I want to tell the thousands of people with no discernment of truth that it's been proven that the Will Smith slap is fake and there is lots of videos online proving it was a planned slap even in slow motion there is smiling and posing a standing pocession to prepare to take the slap and still stand without loosing ballance.

    Until y'all have discernment of all wolves in sheep clothing, all y'all will continue to fall for pranks that are all lies setup by the unseen kingdom of darkness that is seen and heard on Satan devices, social media and the television where Satan easily grab souls for his kingdom before we repent of our sins and turn to the light of Jesus Christ. We should believe in Jesus Christ.

    Without Jesus Christ our souls will loose to quick sand that takes lost souls down to the fireplace. Millions are their now wanting another chance! But it is too late. We must Repent now before our flesh goes to the ground and our spirits leaves our body and then gets judge by Jesus Christ for how we lived our lives when we were alive on earth in our flesh.

  3. I don't have no problem with thandiwe , but a man don't have no business scrapping with a woman ,I mean get a life for real I'm not shutting down another black woman just because of some normal everyday mess .

  4. Reminder, The 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution is Freedom of Speech. Unfortunately, people have the right to Free Speech, unless they threaten your life, they can be arrested. People better learn, to ,Suck it Up Buttercup. Hitting someone over words can cause you your life. Everyone is now walking around even kids with Ghost Guns, and legal Magazine for idiots who want to put paws on someone over words

  5. It doesn’t matter what she said. He sounds more like a bytch than a man. I didn’t see the first magic mike and definitely not interested in seeing the last magic mike. He’s nothing but a kitty Kat IMO

  6. Maybe she was defending them as black men he might. have said something he shouldn't have said. Now she's been replaced by Hispanic woman that wants to be white. What is not like black people was going to run out and watch this movie anyway. 🤷🏽‍♀️


  8. I mean I don't understand the concept of the problem it's a known fact that blacks was judged upon the brown paper bag , if you were lighter than the brown paper bag, your quicker to get the job. But if you were darker than the brown paper bag then you less likely to get the job.. I don't think she meant any harm. Now that we're in the 21st century oh, things have changed, Maybe just a little.

  9. I mean why are people arguing over the slap to the point where it makes them fight?! The apology was nice though but nowadays people are so sensitive to everything. I’m not apologizing for being light skin. I didn’t ask to look like this

  10. All too many whites are too quick to take issue with blacks who are not "yes-men or women." Evidently, this producer doesn't have enough grace, character, chivalry, generosity of heart or magnanimity to welcome a woman with an opinion. To have fired her in this ungallant way, in a fit of pique, tells me I shouldn't watch his movies.

  11. I could care less about these two 5 year olds.
    Karma 4 her, though!
    Thandewe dissed dark black women 2 months ago.
    She spoke as the palatible light skin 'preference' for white male hollywood industry leaders.
    She gets into a heated argument w/ a white male actor as she defends a black male who assaulted another one.
    She was fired by white male producer.
    & replaced by a white passing Latina.
    Hahahahahaha! Serves her butt right!
    Light skinned preference gets cancelled & replaced by white actress.
    She's not indispensable after all.

  12. Gave you a 'like' for bringing us the news and putting together the video. I don't think you should hit anyone because of the words they say–I don't like that.

  13. When th see white men fight on set they keep their jobs. I hope thandie keep her job..
    She still sorry for taking YALL men
    She don’t want to call herself Black

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