Translated From: Adamari López captures the eyes with a tremendous low-cut in the back …

Discovered on: 2021-12-13 05:39:17

Adamari Lopez has highlighted her enormous beauty with a spectacular look that has left millions with their mouths open as it leaves their back exposed leaving very little to the imagination.

The beautiful presenter of Telemundo has traveled to Israel where the prestigious beauty pageant is taking place to choose the new bearer of the crown who delivers the miss Universe mexican Andrea Meza.

So that ‘Shorty‘He has shone in a publication on his Instagram where he has appeared moments before starting his arrangement, where he was shocked by being seen without a drop of makeup and assures that he has not used any filter.

But the big surprise for everyone present was when she finally revealed her outfit for the big night, as she made herself look glamorous in a long beaded dress that hinted she was not wearing anything low and with a revealing neckline at the back. that has blushed more than one follower for its large size.

The Puerto Rican has conquered the hearts of everyone present and of course hundreds of thousands of fans internationally who have been fascinated with how beautiful she is, for her great talent and incomparable sympathy.

Of course, her followers on social networks have been very aware of her interventions and have shown her unconditional support by sending her images of herself on the screen where with her big smile she steals the attention of the cameras.

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