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Discovered on: 2021-12-09 23:24:10

Many months ago and when the weight loss of the driver of Today, Adamari Lopez, it was more than evident, the show business program Gossip no like said the star of Telemundo a stomach operation would have been done to reduce it. Specific, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain assured that Adamari had put on a gastric balloon. A few days ago, the merenguera Olga Tañón he said the same about Adamari Lopez during a video, but the latter He danced with a short top and said to the singer: “Let them say what they want about me.”

Showing off her spectacular and very slim figure and showing off a super short blue top, Adamari López danced to the rhythm of Olga Tañón to make all her followers understand that she does not care about the criticisms made of her as to whether she had a stomach operation or not.

Let’s remember that a few months ago, Gossip no like brought to light the supposed gastric balloon surgery of the also judge of This is how you dance. Remember that Adamari Lopez is the image of a weight loss plan that leads Oprah Winfrey. By signing the contract, and according to what the YouTube program said, the Puerto Rican would have promised to lose weight in a specific time. As he did not see tangible results, he allegedly had an operation on his stomach by placing a gastric balloon in it.

The journalists point out that they do not see serious that Adamari Lopez has been operated but has allegedly deceived its public. Before those signs, Adamari Lopez never responded directly, but yes she has made it very clear several times that she is not the least bit concerned about what is said about her in this regard.

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