Translated From: Adamari Lopez explains why she rules out returning with Toni Acosta

Discovered on: 2021-11-07 19:29:28

Without revealing more details, confirming that his breakup with Toni is final. “In that approach, then I made a decision, perhaps looking to see if there could be an improvement and get back together, and by not happening, we better take different paths,” he explained.

The actress also assured that for now she is not thinking of falling in love again. “I think this is not the time to think about that, I think this is a time to continue focused on strengthening the spirit, the soul, the body and if that happens later, it will happen, but now I’m not thinking about that. ”, He assured.

Adamari López and Toni Costa. (Instagram / Toni Costa)

The decisions he has made in recent months regarding his personal life have been motivated not only by his own emotional well-being, but also by that of his daughter. “All of us who are moms think about the well-being of our children, right now that mental health is so affected by things that we as a family can also take care of, why not prevent our children from having a disorder later on? What could have been avoided with a better decision made? ”, he explained.

Adamari expressed that for the good and happiness of Alaïa, she and Toni have agreed that their separation affects her as little as possible. “We never get married, we are simply each one in his place; but in terms of our daughter, we are both there for her and we are both a team and we both want the best for her, and that is what they will see us together, (he) will always have the door open ”, assured the host , who along with the dancer accompanied his daughter to the Halloween festivities.

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