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Adamari Lopez He is enjoying his single life and he has shown it on Instagram, where he constantly makes funny posts that also cause different expectations.

For his part, his ex-partner, Tony Costarecently joined “The House of the Famous” and in the reality show he has already made some important confessions about his love story with Adamari López but he also spoke about their controversial separation.

Aware of these statements, Adamari Lopez He published a reel that would have seemed like a hint to his daughter’s father, and in this he gestures a particular phrase: “If there is something that I have super sure of in this life, it is that where I lay my eye… Oh! It’s not there. Never is”.

Does Adamari López indirectly send Toni Costa?

for the video, Adamari Lopez She wore a striking red outfit with a neckline and to complete, she wrote the sentence: “Who else needs to sharpen their aim?”

In this regard, the Puerto Rican received comments that were directly related to Toni Costa: “Perhaps you need to look at a man older than you”, “The last one is the charm”, “Where you put your eye, the husbands go”, among other comments were the ones he received.

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