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Although some months have passed since Adamari López announced her separation from the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, with whom she was more than 10 years old, she has not yet found a partner and in a recent interview she has made it clear that she is not yet ready to give a new opportunity in the sentimental.

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The native presenter from Puerto Rico told the reasons why she considers that she does not want a new love for the moment, highlighting, mainly, that it is due to the fact that she is psyched to focus on her daughter Alaïa.

As we will remember, as a result of the long relationship she had with Toni Costa, Adamari López had a daughter, who also often appears in her social media posts. Despite the fact that he separated from the Spanish, he is still seen very close due to the fact that they maintain a good relationship in favor of Alaïa and her growth.

Adamari López, Toni Costa and their daughter sharing moments together as a happy family. (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram).


In a conversation with Mezcal TV, López spoke about her current sentimental situation, confirming that she is not prepared to give herself a new chance in love because she is focused on her daughter and other conditions, which will help her feel at ease. a better way in the future.

“I don’t think this is the moment. There is a moment of learning, there is a moment of growth. I sometimes ask myself a lot of questions and I think that until I solve many of those things, I am not focused on anything other than being well. I think there are still things to learn because, well, I have not done very well, “said López.

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Although she is not yet very eager to find someone by her side, the television host is aware that she cannot close the doors to a new love opportunity when the time comes. Of course, it is not that she is looking for it or that she feels desperate to do so.

In that sense, she revealed that she is in search of stability and affirmed that she has not obtained it during her last years, so she wants to be calm with herself and with her daughter.

“I would like to have a life as a couple in the future, where there is stability, where there is enjoyment of company, to see a future together, as something more stable. You always want stability and I have not achieved it as I would like. And if something comes, I’m not closed, but I’m not looking or desperate for a chance for someone to show up, “she added.

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