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The famous driver and the Puerto Rican were a couple 20 years ago

By: Valeria Contreras N.

NOV. 10. 2021

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Now that Adamari López has completely ruled out resuming her love affair with dancer Toni Costa, after months ago they announced their separation; Several media began to romantically link the driver with some celebrities, including the name of her ex-boyfriend, Marco Antonio Regil, who reacted to the speculation.

The driver had a meeting with members of the press, such as Sale el Sol, who did not hesitate to ask him about it, without imagining the forceful response that Regil would have.

Laughing and faithful to his sense of humor, he explained that he would not say anything about it because then malicious headlines are generated and he chose to send an emotional message to Adamari López, who has not commented on the matter.

“This is called the reheating, what does it have to do with it? Now I fall into the trap and tomorrow comes ‘Marco wants to go back to Adamari’. I send him hugs with affection, but no, there are other projects out there, there are other welfare projects ”, declared Marco Antonio Regil.

The presenter was also questioned about whether he has a girlfriend and whether he could soon reach the altar, to which he replied: “They always walk me… why this eagerness to want to get married? Leave me! No, no, there is nothing yet ”.

In photos: These were the couples of Adamari López and Toni Costa before meeting

20 years ago, Adamari López and Marco Antonio Regil had a torrid romance and although they were one of the most solid couples in the show, they ended their courtship without detailing the reasons, which came to light until 2018.

It was in the Hoy Día program that they revealed that the presenter was jealous of the love scenes that the actress starred in the soap operas ‘Sin ti’ and ‘Camila’, a fact that apparently caused the break.

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