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Mexico City – As soon as the clapperboard sounded, Enrique Rocha got serious about his scenes, usually as a villain, since his imposing voice allowed him to incarnate from unquestionable and strict patriarchs (Two Women, One Way) to a diabolical agent who wanted to destroy to a guardian angel (Seraph).

But as soon as they gave the cut, the Guanajuato actor, who died on Sunday at the age of 81 of natural causes, changed.

Producers, actors and friends who worked with “Rochón”, as they called him because of the seriousness of his voice, highlighted this great contradiction: the public will remember him as the villain of the story, but they will do so as someone very animated.

“Maybe no one puts him that way, but he was the funniest guy I’ve ever met in my life, the one I’ve laughed the most with. We literally fell to the floor from laughing so much. I even had a stomach ache. He had a sense of humor that was always so jovial, with so much energy.

“At that time I had a very jealous boyfriend and he used to get more that I went out to dinner with Enrique, and even so I went with him, because we literally saw each other to laugh”, shared in an interview Lorena Herrera, who was with Rocha in Dos Women.

Rocha unexpectedly discovered her profession at the age of 17 through a theatrical audition that was not attended by an actor.

After that, he made his debut in the 1960s in film and television, and faced challenges such as the film El Proceso de Cristo (1966), by Julio Bracho.

Thanks to La Mentira (1965) other melodramas arrived, such as Mundo de Jugue (1974), When the Children are Vanishing (1983), My Little Naughty (1997) and El Privilegio de Amar (1998).

While playing parents who did not understand young people, as in Rebelde (2004), curiously he became a guide for the actors who were starting.

“I debuted in How It Hurts to Callar, I turned 19 there and my tres leches cake was bought by ‘Rochón’. He was our dad, especially our generation.

“He was a very classy man, always inviting, beautiful, taking everyone into account. That’s why we guys always hang around and love him, ”recalled actress Cynthia Klitbo.

Both were the antagonists in El Privilegio de Amar, by Carla Estrada, who remembered the actor as the most professional, who always arrived on time with the texts learned.

“He was very chivalrous, very attentive, very polite, very proper, but, above all, a good man who enjoyed life. I think he didn’t want to do anything, he was a man who really enjoyed it ”, stressed the producer.

Of the Thursday meals that the producers had before the pandemic, Juan Osorio remembers his habit of drinking whiskey, as well as his spirit.

“Rocha was a heartthrob, a great conqueror with that voice and we all made fun of him about how his heart was at that age. Meeting him was fantastic, because it was full of anecdotes. His very voice lent itself to make us laugh, to be nice.

“He has left a very great legacy and an equally great void in the artistic environment,” said Osorio, who produced Una Familia con Suerte.

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