Translated From: Aislinn Derbez confessed why she fell in love with Jonathan Kubben

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The actress revealed through her insta stories what was the reason why she had fallen in love with the series producer (Photo: Instagram / @ aislinnderbez)

Aislinn Derbez made it official through photos on Instagram that her time without a partner had ended, so it was time to start – publicly – a romantic relationship with Jonathan Kubben.

The protagonist of films like El Cielo En Tu Mirada, Miss Bala: merciless or A la mala revealed through her insta stories what was the reason why she had fallen in love with the television series producer: his hair. In a sarcastic way, the actress reacted to her great “mane” without combing it, which was in a too disorderly state.

The eldest of Derbez’s daughters wrote: “It was her hair that won me over,” accompanied by a frustrated person emoji.

The actress sarcastically mentioned that it was her hair (Photo: Instagram / @ aislinnderbez)

With a great sense of humor, as the entire Derbez dynasty has, the actress has caused her 11.8 million followers to react with great joy to the joke of the new couple:

“It was to be expected that she continues with the great humor of the whole family”, “I like that you do not lose your laugh and sense of humor”, “What a joy that now you are starting a relationship again and the jokes are not lacking”, ” A diversion and nothing changed and that is incredible, what a great human being you are “,” If he has hair like a lion ha ha ha I like the subject, “wrote his fans on his Instagram account.

Aislinn uncovered the romance on December 1 in an interview with the social magazine Who, where she confessed that they have been dating for nine months, but it is up to this point that they decided to reveal it because they both feel ready to do so.

The couple has been in a relationship for 9 months IG: @aislinnderbez / @jonathankubben

“We are already going to be nine months old because it was like immediately. It has been a very interesting story, full of growth. He has those parts that I need, “said the protagonist of La casa de las flores.

The photographs on Instagram have been the means of communication with his fans and the press. Jonathan himself was the one who revealed through his Instagram account that he maintains a relationship with Aislinn Derbez with a tender message and a photo showing the love they have for each other.

“This is not what you think. Not even what we believe. We do not know if it is out of a fairy tale or if we are in a parenthesis of our lives. ⠀ All I know is that I am immensely happy when we are together like this “

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter had argued on different occasions that she preferred not to uncover if she had a new boyfriend after her divorce with Mauricio Ochmann, because she thought that people would criticize her for her decisions, as well as she has had to maintain various details of her life in private to avoid bad comments.

Eugenio Derbez’s daughter has argued on different occasions that she preferred not to uncover things if she had a new boyfriend (Photo: Instagram / @ quécom)

Despite that, for the moment the only relevant comments have been those of the same Derbez family. The publication with which he made his relationship with the young content creator official surprised everyone and you can read different messages written by some public figures of the show such as Eiza González, Zuria Vega, Vanessa Bauche, Joy, but who was noted for his comment was Vadhir Derbez.

The singer and actor also showed his protective side as a brother and surprised all users with his “jealous” side when they saw the image, where Aislinn appeared very smiling next to her boyfriend, Jonathan: “Many giggles ehhh jijiji jujuju” said the son of Eugenio Derbez in the comment box.


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