Translated From: Aislinn Derbez confesses why she fell in love with Jonathan Kubben

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Asilinn Derbez said she wants to have many adventures with her boyfriend. Photo: GettyImages

After Aislinn Derbez confirmed her affair with speaker Jonathan Kubben, the actress confessed why she fell in love with her new boyfriend with whom for nine months he has given another chance to love.

Aislinn Derbez and Jonathan Kubben They have shown that they are very happy with their relationship and both posted photos on social networks that show that they are very much in love. The relationship, of the ex of Mauricio Ochmann It sparked reactions from various celebrities and Vadhir, the actress’s brother, is said to be a bit jealous.

Aislinn Derbez confessed why she fell in love with Jonathan Kubben

With an ironic tone, Aislinn Derbez she confessed to her fans what made her fall in love with Jonathan Kubben. The rumors about their relationship started when the daughter of Eugenio Derbez and the lecturer shared a trip with friends in the mountains of Guatemala, information that she has denied until now and has been encouraged to confirm it.

“It was her hair that won me over”

Aislinn Derbez wrote in one of her stories

The humor with which Aislinn revealed the detail that conquered her from her current partner was well received by her followers who celebrated that you are living a happy stage.

“What a joy that now you are starting a relationship again and the jokes are not lacking” “If he has hair like a lion, ha, ha, ha, I like the subject” “I like that you do not lose your laugh and sense of humor “” A divorce and nothing changed and that is incredible, what a great human being you are “” It was to be expected that she continues with the great humor of the whole family “

Aislin derbez dedicated a tender message to his boyfriend Jonathan Kubben when he confirmed their relationship. The courtship comes more than a year after she divorced actor Mauricio Ochmann, father of her daughter Kailani.

“This wonderful man makes me as happy as in the photo… and what do you think? I really want to live many adventures and grow and enjoy as much as I can with him. What I no longer feel like is to sell you the false story of Disney’s perfect and romantic love that all of us at some point have believed in and that hurts us so much “

Aislinn derbez

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