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Although during most of 2021 there was a rumor about a sentimental approach between Aislinn Derbez and the influencer Jonathan Kubben, it was not until December that both would confirm to their fans and to the whole world that, indeed, they had started a relationship and that they were they were very happy about it.

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Aislinn Derbez, according to an interview she had with Quien magazine, was the one that made the whole process of formalizing take so long because she had a very marked reason, which involved her ex-husband, Mauricio Ochmann.

As we will remember, Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann were married for more than two years and had a daughter named Kailani, but their relationship did not last and they made the decision to divorce in order to start a new life apart.

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochamnn with their little daughter. (Photo: Instagram).


The 35-year-old actress revealed that it took her a while to meet and accept Jonathan Kubenn because she didn’t feel ready after her recent divorce from Mauricio Ochmann. Moreover, she assured that it was not until she closed cycles that she agreed to see face to face who would later become her new boyfriend.

“When my friend told me that he wanted to introduce me to him, I wasn’t ready, I needed time. I was seeing the process of my separation and I needed time. A year and a half later I told him I was ready to meet him,” Derbez said.

Since the time they met personally, they began to build something between the two, which later caused them to fall deeply in love and form a courtship, which can also be seen through social networks.

But that was not all because he recognized that he was delayed because he would feel that there would be a quick connection. “I needed my space and I felt that I was going to like him.”


The influencer of Belgian origin was also present in the interview and recounted part of the process of falling in love they had, which took a long time due to the reason she had to, first, close the cycle of her previous marriage.

“About six months before we met in person, she didn’t fight me that much. Colder impossible. I tried once when I replied to a story on Instagram and he didn’t reply, so I said ‘I’d better leave it,'” Kubenn said.


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