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The great absence of Monaco National Day it was undoubtedly Princess Charlene, who, for the first time, he was not with the rest of the members of the Grimaldi family to celebrate such a special day. The Princess returned to Monaco on November 8, after 6 months in South Africa where he was recovering from an infection in throat, ear and nose, but again has had to leave the Principality for health reasons to a place in Europe that has not been kept awake to preserve its privacy. Her husband, Alberto de Monaco, wanted to explain the process that Charlene is going through to also stop, again, the speculation about the health of his wife and partner. In an interview that he has given exclusively to the American magazine People, he has denied all the rumors that have arisen, especially the most widespread, that of a marital crisis. “This is not Covid and it is not related to cancer. It is not a question of personal relationships and if you want to discuss another speculation, it is not related to plastic surgery “, he has settled insisting once again that the nature of these problems it has nothing to do with your marriage.

– Alberto de Monaco, ‘furious’ after the inflammatory statements of his ex Nicole Coste about Princess Charlene

– Charlene’s long-awaited reunion with Alberto de Monaco and their children after three months apart

In the aforementioned interview, the sovereign Prince of Monaco explained that the 43-year-old Princess, is suffering from deep “exhaustion, both emotional and physical”. That is why they have made the determination to seek medical attention few days after his return to Monaco and the reason why has made him to get away from your family again. A decision that was taken jointly by the couple, assisted by Charlene’s siblings, reinforcing the idea that they are a well matched marriage who try to find solutions in a unanimous way looking for the good of the other, something that also it would dispel doubts about a possible crisis between them.

These rumors surrounding the couple are not new. Last October, Charlene had to undergo a third surgery and be under observation for 48 hours. Since the ex-swimmer arrived in South Africa there had been talk of a distance between the two and the fact that the prince continue with your official agency and he was not next to his wife at a time like this rekindled these speculations that Alberto himself has already wanted to deny on several occasions.

It is rare for a prince to speak of your personal life with the media, but tired of the speculations that circulated, last September, the Monegasque heir was forced to address them to settle them and silence the gossip. “She didn’t leave Monaco angry!“, he also declared to People. And affirmed that the Princess she didn’t leave because she was mad at him or with anyone else, but “was going to travel to South Africa to re-evaluate the work of his Foundation there and take some time off with his brother and some friends,” he added. He also insisted that “she did not go into exile, it was just a medical problem that had to be treated, “speaking openly about the rumors.

These statements by Alberto de Monaco came a few weeks after your trip to south africa, last August, with princes Jacques and Gabriella, six years old, when the Monegasque sovereign was able to meet again with Princess Charlene and she shared her happiness with all her followers. “I am so excited to have my family back with me.“said the Princess along with some endearing snapshots. And as an image is worth a thousand words, with that trip and those photographs, where some they thought they detected a certain coldness between the marriage, the Monegasque couple returned to ward off speculation about a possible distance between the two.

From the emotion of Alberto de Monaco to the antics of Gabriella and Jacques: all the curiosities of the National Day

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