Source: Alec Baldwin can’t stand his wife Hilaria.

Amazing/appalling stuff. Hilaria was so thirsty she left her crying kids in the car so she could put on a Spanish accented act for the paps. Alec kept shutting her down. “Excuse me” – he’ll have hell to pay for that later.

Via TMZ: Alec Baldwin is speaking on the death of Halyna Hutchins for the first time on camera — and he had a lot to say. The actor addressed a swarm of paps Saturday who were hounding him in Manchester, VT, where he and his family have been laying low since the fatal incident … but have been getting followed around, including on the open road, where the Baldwin family literally pulled over to confront the photogs … whom Alec says made his kids cry. Alec came at them head-on with none other than his wife, Hilaria, at his side … and they spoke their piece on where things stand, without divulging too much about the investigation.


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45 thoughts on “Alec Baldwin can't stand his wife Hilaria.

  1. Alex gets his wife to use a Spanish accent when she is pretending to be the cleaning lady during romantic encounters. I like Alec Baldwin so I hope this tragedy doesn't ruin his marriage or career.

  2. I know she's trying to protect her husband but it comes off totally awkward and not helpful right now. Tempers and emotions are all over the place and will be for sometime. Let these people be while there's an active investigation going on. Alec Baldwin looks like he's on the edge about to break!

  3. Well at least on this video she knows she is an American and her husbands victims name…..maybe next she will remember how to say tomato and her own name in English

  4. Man I have a ton of empathy for Alec Baldwin in this situation. But his wife is insufferable for so many reasons, this video just scrapes the surface

  5. I don't think that Alec knew the whole truth about her. Maybe some. I think he's embarrassed and angry and too deep in this marriage with 10 spanish named kids to leave her now. He doesn't seem dumb but I believe he was fooled. Now he can't change anything. Must be very miserable for him.

  6. This is coming from someone who doesn't want you to own guns. Anyone with a brain will tell you live rounds should never be on set. They were using the gun for target practice at lunch

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