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Discovered on: 2022-03-27 03:53:29

If it’s about showing off a great body, Aleida Nunez has shown that she is an expert when it comes to making thousands of fans who follow her within her social networks fall in love, before whom exposed her excessive curves with a light two-piece swimsuit which modeled front and back.

This weekend, the Mexican actress and singer once again conquered the hearts of almost 4 million followers who admire her on her official Instagram profile, where she again shared a sensual series of images in which she showed off her dazzling beauty from the jacuzzi. .

Although on previous occasions she had exposed her infarct curves with tight jeans and tiny dresses or even daring lingerie, the beautiful Mexican actress once again became the center of attention for modeling a tiny bikini.

Posing in the first profile photograph and wearing a delirious yellow bathing suit, it was how the 41-year-old television star showed off her spectacular beauty and perfect curves before the camera, earning hundreds of flattering messages in which her faithful admirers highlighted how beautiful and sexy she looks.

The surprise for millions of fans came when the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, turned around to show a daring photograph while turning her back on the camera, with which she undoubtedly attracted attention.

Later, he increased the dose of sensuality and beauty with a video in which he once again revealed the shapely rear that he has gained thanks to his demanding exercise routines, all while submerging his legs in the water.

Of course, this series of daring images ended up captivating those who continually visit her within said social profile.

As the famous one told it in another recording, the bath tub was a gift that came to her house, so it will surely not be the first or the last time that the pupil of her admirers consents from this new corner of her home.

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