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Original taken from social networks @linatejeiro and @laazcarateoficial

Recently, a news item was released involving Lina Tejeiro’s father, since according to the National Police, a shipment of cocaine that was seized in Buenaventura belonged to the actress’s father. The news was released by Graciela Torres known as ‘La negra candela’ and did so through the radio station Olímpica Estéreo.

Meanwhile, the llanera published a reel of photographs a few hours ago, in which she appears sitting in what appears to be the dining room of her house, with just a ray of sunlight entering through her window and that reflects on her face, that accompanied with the text “You are light.”

There were several celebrities who expressed their support for the celebrity and one of them was the comedian Alejandra Azcárate, who a few months ago experienced a similar situation with her husband, who was involved in the remembered ‘narco plane’ scandal.

The humorist’s message quotes: “That’s you, light. Don’t let ANYONE take your joy away. Let them invent, speculate, gossip and enjoy ”.

It is worth mentioning that, Lina Tejeiro and Alejandra Azcárate participate as investigators in the reality show ‘Who is the mask?’, Which was delayed in its launch due to the scandal of the plane that splashed a comedian and instead ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ was premiered.

Here is the message that Alejandra Azcárate published:

Original taken from Instagram @linatejeiro

In the image shared by Tejeiro there have been several comments that have been left to the actress, due to the scandal that entangles her father’s name, some of support from her followers and others who criticized her. In addition, the snapshot already exceeds 260,000 ‘likes’, and among the reactions the most prominent are:

“In life there is darkness, but there are also lights and you are one of those”, “The truth is Lina is always working, she has her money. Whether or not it is true about her father that she has to see there “,” Greetings from the basements of hell “,” You are light in the basements of hell “,” A lot of impudence from Azcárate to comment on this “,” For walking with Epa and Azcárate got you into gossip ”, among others.

However, Alejandra Azcárate was not the only celebrity to express her support for the actress, as did other celebrities such as Rodrigo Candamil, who acted alongside the llanera in ‘La ley del corazón’, Luisa Fernanda W, Sebastián Caicedo, Mabel Moreno , Suso el paspi, Juliana Galvis, Nanis Ochoa, among others.

It should be remembered that, repeatedly, the content generator has made it clear that she has been estranged from her father for several years and for this reason she does not use her last name, but that of her mother, Vibiana Tejeiro.

In fact, in a publication shared by Tejeiro in 2020 through his Instagram account, he explained to his followers that he had distanced himself from his father for not being present while she was growing up.

At the moment, the actress has not referred to the rumor of ‘La negra candela’, through her stories the only thing the actress has shared are her exercise routines, the work she does as an influencer promoting products on her Instagram account And that this Friday, November 19, he will travel to Brazil, of which he promised he would keep his followers very up-to-date.


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