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Mexico City / 06.01.2022 15:56:43

Recently, Alejandra Guzmán was involved in controversy over the statements regarding Silvia Pinal and the alleged dementia that she is rumored to suffer from. But now, the singer shared a farewell message for César Ceja, producer, guitarist and musician, whose cause of death was not disclosed.

Through social networks Alejandra shared a photo in collaboration with the management agency All Parts Move, which is in charge of Alejandra Guzmán, in which they give the collaborator.

“Rest in Peace”, they share along with a happy photograph.

Recently, it was revealed that Guzmán tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time. The singer had already had the disease during the past year, and now has two anticovid vaccines; however, it will be isolated.

On the subject of Silvia Pinal, it was later clarified in a statement that Alejandra Guzmán was referring only to the effects that covid-19 had had on the emblematic actress.

“To clarify, Doña Silvia is 91 years old and what Alejandra tried to explain is that the effect of the covid has made her feel disoriented at times, which is normal for someone her age. Doña Silvia is recovering at this time It is strong and the prognosis is good, “he adds.

He was Mon Laferte’s boyfriend

In addition to Guzmán, the singer Mon Laferte said goodbye to her partner who was the singer, reports T13. Their friendship began in 2007, and he was behind Deshechable albums in 2011, collaborated in the production of Tornasol in 2013 and co-wrote the lyrics of the song “Tormento”.

“Dear Cesar, you were my best friend and partner for more than 6 years, you gave me a family in Mexico, you always took care of me when I was sick, you made me laugh a lot, I wrote you many songs and you wrote me many too, you were always my teacher and we were very very happy together “, wrote the singer.” Now I think of all the songs we did together, and I know that they will continue to sound and I will sing them with more love than ever, I owe you a lot my dear Chino, even though you are no longer here, I will always love you. And every May 2, I will remember you with much love, because we also shared our birthday, among so many things. I love you sweetheart, rest in Peace, “he added.


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