Translated From: Álex Casademunt’s mother talks like this about David Bustamante

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In a few days there will be a year from fbirth of Álex Casademunt and his mother appeared two days ago in ‘Save me‘to talk about the loss of your child. Finally, that meeting did not arise due to lack of time in the program presented by Paz Padilla.

Rosa Gonzalez, mother of the Catalan singer, gave an interview on the program ‘Together’ of Telemadrid. During the talk, she recalled her situation and gave support to other mothers who had gone through the same thing as her: “We are many mothers who have suffered the loss of a child on the road“.

It is not easy for a mother to lose her child on the road. Realize how in a second it can change your life so drastically and assume that you will never see that person again. It is a very hard stick.

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“Sometimes when I see a red anorak on the street or I see a boy with sunglasses or tight jeans I have to look at it twice because it is really strong, It costs a lot. I’m in the stage of accepting that I will not see him again and this costs a lot because he is our child, he is our light, he wore a bell around his neck, he gave us life, “said Rosa, visibly moved.

When Casademunt passed away, many rumors came out of the bad relationship that Bustamante and the Catalan singer had. His mother clears up the rumors: “David Bustamante when the stage of ‘Triumph operation’ they were very the same. It is important because it is a great companion. He is a boy who means a lot in Álex’s life. Bustamante is a very nice boy who we love a lot“.

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