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Alfredo Adame, faithful to his style, returned to give some statements that have generated criticism against him and much controversy in Mexican public opinion. This time the victims of his controversial words were his sons Diego, Sebastián and Alejandro, whom he has denied.

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The television host completely ignored his children he had with his ex-wife Mary Paz Banquells, making it clear that he does not have any kind of good relationship with them despite being their biological father.

Thus, the actor also wins a new controversy because he also remains firm in his intentions of wanting to denounce Laura Bozo for the alleged crime of human trafficking.

Alfredo Adame gave some controversial statements against his biological children.


During an interview, Adame had harsh words against his sons Diego, Sebastián and Alejandro, whom he despised and ignored as such. He even assured that they do not carry his blood.

As if that were not enough, he had no problem confessing that he has disinherited them in his will so that they do not keep anything from him when he dies, reaffirming the repudiation he has with them.

“There is no relationship, they are not my children and there is no relationship. They are not my children, they do not carry my blood. I don’t know them completely and I disinherited them a year ago. My blood is not like that,” he said.

Similarly, the controversial television presenter assured that his ex-wife, Mary Paz Banquells, will not receive any of his fortune.

“She doesn’t get anything because I’m married for separate property, she never put a weight split in half. He took everything from the house, when he left he left it empty, “he added.

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The driver maintains his enmity with Laura Bozzo, whom he wishes to see imprisoned. And it is that now he has just informed that he will denounce her for human trafficking.

“I have another one for him, the one about trafficking and human trafficking. Everything is ready, just stick your head out and go. I am going to make a public complaint to a Prosecutor’s Office and this will be in charge of investigating it. “One who was Laura Bozzo’s boyfriend, Cristian Suárez, and the other, Martín Mamani. That as soon as I said I knew that and started to investigate, they ran out of Mexico. Of course I have names and I have everything, but how am I going to appear in a prosecutor’s office and say: ‘They brought these with a tourist visa and put them to work, and they took their money,'” he said.

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