Translated From: Alicia Machado broke the silence about her former friendship with Gaby Spanic

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The famous women had a friendship for years (Photo: Instagram / @ machaoficial / @ gabyspanictv)

The winner of La Casa de los Famosos Alicia Machado has constantly recounted her experiences within the reality show and confessed that she had good and bad moments, for which she made different statements about her enmity with actress Gaby Spanic.

Friendships and rivalries in La Casa de los Famosos became the main point for viewers, since during the different “plots” against Alicia Machado, the followers of the famous got to know the true face of their companions within the program and This is how the eliminated were chosen week after week.

One of the most controversial relationships within the house was that of Alicia Machado and Gaby Spanic, who at first assured that they were excellent friends and that they were in a fairly good place in their relationship, so the public thought that together they would be one of the strongest within the competition.

“For me the subject of Gaby is sad and painful because in the company there are many people who know and are witnesses of the friendship that I had with Gabriela. For me it was incredible to realize that it is full of hatred, “said the former Miss Universe during an interview on the program Suelta la sopa.

Alicia Machado answered different questions about Gaby Spanic (Photo: Twitter)

Another thing that surprised Alicia was that her compatriot betrayed her, as she voted on several occasions for Machado to leave the competition while in front of her he was totally different and assured that he supported her.

Alicia Machado expressed that she felt quite attacked by her partner, since although she considered her part of her circle of friends, Gaby Spanic showed that she was never sincere. The famous considered that Gaby is a woman who has suffered a lot in life and has not had the opportunity to overcome it; However, she assured that she does not wish her anything bad and asked her fans not to do anything against her or to bother her.

“I considered her a friend and that was what hurt me the most, people think it hurt that she saved Celia Lora, it was not exactly that she saved Celia but what the act meant, not only for me but also for Pablo Montero who was also his friend. Celia was a very toxic person ”, he explained.

“I hope you seek psychiatric help, professional help. Diseases of the mind are like any other disease, in any other organ, ”Machado stressed.

A few days ago the famous was the winner of the popular reality show (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

Let us remember that within the reality show they had a strong fight, which drew the attention of the public for which there were followers who allied themselves with Machado and went against Gaby Spanic, whom they said on multiple occasions that they wanted to see her outside.

At the moment Gaby Spanic has not spoken about it, in fact since she was expelled from the competition she has not referred at all to what she lived in La Casa de los Famosos. After her departure, the artist, recognized for starring in La usurpadora, dedicated time to her family and mainly to her son with whom she spent a season of rest in Mexico, to later travel to Budapest to start with Dancing with the stars.

The actress has only made social media posts about the dance reality show, where she is a judge. “I thank God because I am a very privileged person. My work has given me the opportunity to travel to so many countries! It is a huge blessing, “he wrote in one of his last photos.


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