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Although for a long time the exact actress, Allisson lozz She decided to change her last name to Gutiérrez, her fans and the media continue to refer to her as ‘Lozz’ because of her last name, they started, ‘Lozano’, because it is how we have known her since she was a teenager on television.

However, the retired actress spoke about the issue in a question and answer session on Instagram where she said, “Lozano is the surname I was born with from my father but in Mexico and the United States it is used a lot that when are you marrying, you use your husband’s last name and the truth for avoid being recognized in many places, I preferred to adopt it for everything and I love it ”, he explained.

Her husband’s last name is ‘Gutiérrez’, so even in his social networks you can find him, “I’m Allisson Gutiérrez and I abbreviate it GTZ because when I met my husband since we were friends, he would abbreviate it that way and I like it. “

Allisson also talked about why she doesn’t like taking photos if someone recognizes her from the street, “I don’t like being asked for photos because when I go out I am with my girls, it’s family timeThen those moments are cut, those literal moments that are super valuable to me ”.

And continued, “when i’m working i do take picturesFor example when I am in what (his work) and all that, I take photos with the people who are in the business but when I am spending time with my family, no. The Bible says there is time for everything and that time is with my family and for my family, so I don’t take a picture with anyone and I don’t like it, ”he clarified.

Allisson’s fans also questioned her if her daughters know that she is famous and if she would like them to follow in her footsteps in acting, “from childhood they see how people ask me for photos … for them television and fame is not very shocking, but rather what they see with their little eyes that I get after hard work and doing something that I love “and he continued,” they are impacted by my work at Mary Kay and that I was queen and my achievements here, “he said.

On whether he would like his daughters to do something in the artistic medium, he commented, “in the long run everyone makes their decisions but I sincerely hope that none of them choose anything related to the artistic medium but rather something that allows them to work to live and not live to work ”.

The former actress was also asked whether she would like to return to acting soon and said, “never, every day I am more satisfied with my decision, almost 12 years since I retired and every time I live the childhood of my girls (and mine also because I hardly had) is when I confirm that I would make the same decision a thousand times more”.

Allisson also recalled an anecdote when he participated in ‘Rebelde’, “at 12 (he learned to walk with heels) when I entered Rebelde. She walked all crooked since our weddings had a 13cm heel, from never wearing a heel to wearing so much ”.

Finally, Allisson commented that he used to come to Mexico periodically but since the pandemic it stopped doing so, however, he hopes that in 2022 he will be able to travel to the country again.

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