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The handsome actor from Pasión de gavilanes, Mario Cimarro, will be a father next summer as announced on his social networks. The interpreter of Cuban origin lives a sentimental relationship with the Slovak model Bronislava Gregušová.

Together they have taken the step towards fatherhood, which will premiere in June. So, the heartthrob will already be 51 years old. The couple is very happy and thus, they have shown it by uploading a publication to Mario and Bronislava’s account, where we can read: “The day your name is dressed in blue and silver, the soul finds itself and its beaches are flooded with seas. Brando or Briana, may your day and your name shine… may it shine among the stars!”

With these lines we see that they still do not know what sex will the baby have, who will become their first child, but they are clear about what the names would be. If he is a boy he will be called Brando and if it is a girl the chosen name is Briana. Curiously, both names begin with B, just like the mother of the future child. A nice coincidence that Mario Cimarro will surely be delighted with.

Cimarro lives a nice love story since 2018, when he met the model Bronislava. Although they are separated by 20 years of age, everything indicates that this does not imply any inconvenience between them, since it is with her that he has decided to take the step towards one of the greatest exercises of responsibility that a couple can give: the raising of a son. The model was a finalist in the Miss Slovakia 2015 beauty pageant.

The actor has had other formal relationships. In fact, he was married twice. His first marriage lasted 7 years and was with Natalie Streignard. Later, she had a very brief marriage of only two months in 2016 with Deimantė Andriuškaitė.

The actor of the soap opera Pasión de gavilanes, which is broadcast on Telecinco, was clear that it was with the young Slovakian with whom he wanted to be a father, as he has declared on occasion. At last his wish will come true.

The model is also an ambassador for the Nuskin beauty brand and has a profile where she shows the benefits of the products, as well as their use.

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