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“I do want her in my life”, with this forcefulness Rosa Benito spoke one day after staging her reconciliation with Belén Esteban. Both television collaborators starred in the television ‘moment’ of the week. That is a good start to the month of December, if someone believes in the Spirit of Christmas, between Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito seems to have done theirs … Because it is a fact: they are friends again. They themselves confirmed it live in the transition from ‘Sálvame’ to ‘It’s already 8’, before the satisfied gaze of Sonsoles Ónega and Jorge Javier Vázquez. With the hangover of this very special announcement, Rosa Benito has explained the details of how that reunion took place in which they sealed the peace. And the tears were not lacking.

Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito have confirmed that they have made peace live. “Rosa and I have already talked to each other, Sonsoles,” Belén Esteban said. Rosa Benito listened to him with a smile and replied: “Yes, we’ve already made peace. And I love Jorge Javier too, he knows it.” The collaborator of ‘It’s already 8’ has finally told how it happened so that they have spoken again. “There was emotion because we remember things that have happened to us, but I want to keep the good of the people that enriches us much more than the bad ”, he confessed to Sonsoles Ónega and the rest of his colleagues from ‘It’s already noon.’

Rosa Benito and Belén Esteban confirm their reconciliation.


There were certain suspicions that Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito could be in tune after the words that Rosario Mohedano’s mother dedicated to Paracuellos’s mother for her birthday. This message could have been the beginning of a new stage for them, although Belén had already commented on occasion that she would not mind resuming the relationship. Miguel Ángel Nicolás has also intervened to give a very significant detail about both partners. Witness of everything, he has confessed that there were “tears” and “love” in his gestures and his words of reconciliation.

The war between Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito, of which Readings gave great detail, began with some comments by Belén Esteban in ‘Save me’ loaded with irony against Rosario Mohedano and one of his performances. The singer herself defended herself in the pages of Readings: “A friend does not laugh at the misfortunes of others.” From that moment on, the intimate friendship of Belén and Rosa plummeted and both have faced the most bitter reproaches on television sets.

Belén Esteban, collaborator of ‘Save me’.


However, they have decided to give themselves a new chance and leave so many bad rolls behind to start from scratch. Or at least start. Will they be able to turn these peace into friendship again? Only time will tell…

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