Source: Amber Heard Leaked & Sold Johnny's Video to TMZ_ Fmr TMZ producer testify. Another Lie Caught.

Amber Heard leaked and Sold Johnny’s Video to TMZ_ Fmr TMZ producer testify. Another Lie Caught. Big Reveal.

Heard was arrested and booked for misdemeanor domestic violence at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on September 14, 2009, after allegedly grabbing and striking her then-partner, Tasya van Ree, in the arm.

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Happening in court:
By Video Deposition:
Terence Dougherty – General Counsel – ACLU
Edward White – Depp’s Business Manager
Malcolm Connoly – Depp’s Bodyguard

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16 thoughts on “Amber Heard Leaked & Sold Johnny's Video to TMZ_ Fmr TMZ producer testify. Another Lie Caught.

  1. I’ll bet Amber did suffer from separation anxiety, look how she behaved when he was around. If my spouse was taking pics and videos depicting me in a bad light, without my knowledge or consented, I’d stay away from them too!

  2. She tried to plan Johnny's whole down fall……. And lied to the max about it

    ……yet she's still given a fighting chance…..

    Swear if it was a man.

  3. This guy killed it! He was spot on. The way he talked, looked at AH, his timing.
    It's a thin line between legit and smart a##. He managed the comeback of comebacks. Legend!

  4. Ah yes! Another thing she can get into big trouble for and possibly jail time! I really hope she gets arrested after this because if it was any normal everyday person they would be get jail time for all of the things she's done and happen to get away with

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