Translated From: American actor passed away from head trauma, announces his death

Discovered on: 2022-02-10 01:55:06

By Phil Helsel NBCnews

Bob Saget, American actor best known for his performance on the television series Full House (three times threein Latin America), died of a head injury, his family said Wednesday.

Saget, 65, was found dead on January 9 in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando hotel in Florida.

“Authorities have determined that Bob passed away from head trauma. They concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, didn’t pay attention to it and went to sleep,” the comedian’s family said in a statement. “It had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.”

The medical examiner did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday, but said earlier there was no evidence of drug use or suspicion of any crime. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office had said the same thing.

Saget was in the middle of touring his comedy show I Don’t Do Negative, which had three dates scheduled in Florida.

In the statement, the actor’s family thanked his fans for the signs of love.

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“We ask everyone to remember the love and laughter that Bob brought into this world, and the lessons he taught us all: be kind to everyone, let the people you love know you love them, and face difficult times with hugs and hugs. laugh,” his family said.

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