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Posted: Dec 13, 2021 10:28 GMT

“The most shocking thing was that the head of ‘casting’ and the director were there and, of course, nobody said anything,” says the actress.

British actress Naomie Harris claims to have experienced an episode of sexual harassment by a colleague during an audition for a role, and in view of several important members of the recording set.

Speaking with the newspaper The Mail on Sunday, the interpreter who gives life to Eve Moneypenny in the most recent James Bond film, ‘No Time do Die’ (‘No time to die’), says that, while reading a script, a companion of his —whose identity he kept anonymous— slid his hand down her skirt.

“The most shocking thing was that the head of ‘casting’ and the director were there and, of course, nobody said anything because [el actor] era is- a big star“Harris commented, underlining that this was the only harassment incident of this type that he has suffered.

In that sense, and given the magnitude of sexual abuse cases that involve the film industry, Naomie feels “lucky” and she believes that, despite having been a victim herself, the response to this type of behavior has evolved for the better.

Times and attitudes are finally changing. I was in a project where there was a #MeToo incident [que representa el apoyo a las víctimas de acoso sexual] and there was no question. [El agresor] he was immediately removed from office, “he said.

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