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Úrsula Corberó attended the Jimmy Fallon program as a guest last morning, marking a new milestone in her career. The young actress of ‘La Casa de Papel’ told in her meeting with the presenter how she experienced the outbreak of success of the series internationally.

He also had time to tell the funny anecdote of the day that coincided with Madonna on a plane and the singer ended up confessing what a fan he was of hers and asked for her phone number. We have told you all the content of the interview here.

All the followers of ‘La Casa de Papel’ and in general the fans of Úrsula have been very proud to see her on the program. But there are those who have gone further, pulling the sense of humor. This is the case of Ana Milan, who, as you will remember, coincided working with Úrsula on ‘Physics or Chemistry’. In the Antena 3 series, Ana played Olimpia, the English teacher at the institute where Úrsula was one of her students, Ruth.

Seeing the perfect English with which Úrsula has now communicated with Jimmy Fallon on the television program, Ana Milan has written: “How well I taught her to speak English. It is a pleasure to listen to her.”

The ingenious tweet has been retweeted countless times in a matter of minutes and even Angy Fernández, another of Zurbarán’s ‘students’, has replied with emojis with her tongue out to the Milan tweet, to which the former Olympia has replied: “You you are also a source of pride for me “, next to a heart.

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