Translated From: Anabel Hernández maintains what is written in her book about Galilea Montijo

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In recent days, a national controversy has arisen around the information published by Anabel Hernandez in his book “Emma and the other narco ladies”, in which he mentions several names of women who belong to the entertainment world and who have been sexually or sentimentally related to some of the leaders of the Mexican cartels.

Without a doubt, one of the most popular names that Anabel mentions in her book is that of Galilea Montijo, the host of the Hoy program since 2008, one of the most watched morning shows in Mexico and whom she claims to have been the girlfriend of Arturo Beltran Leyva, alias “Barbas”, who was the leader of the criminal organization that bore his surnames and who died on December 16, 2009, killed by the Navy in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

(Book by Anabel Hernández / Amazon)

“Bodyguards of Arturo Beltrán Leyva affirm that the drug trafficker had a relationship of at least two years with Galilea Montijo, whose sister, he would help get out of jail,” can be read in the text published by Anabel this Tuesday, November 30 and edited by the Grijalbo label of the Penguin Random House publishing house.

After revealing this relationship, the famous host not only denied the allegations against her in a meeting with the media outside Televisa San Ángel, she also clarified that she will take legal action against whoever is responsible for the damage to her image and her family.

Given this, the journalist Anabel Hernández gave an interview to Infobae México to support everything published in her book not only about Galilea Montijo, whom she referred to as another name within the group of celebrities who were involved at the time with some criminals such as : Ninel Conde, Alicia Machado, Lucha Villa, Silvia Irabén and Issabela Camil.

“What I have said about her is in the book, it is neither more nor less. It is what is in the book, I am not going to increase or remove a comma “, commented Anabel and added:” I am responsible for what is written there because what is written is not defamation. I don’t know what other people may or may not say or what other people have said or may say, that is not in my control, I cannot be held responsible for what others say ”.

(Anabel Hernández / El Universal)

In addition, Hernández wanted to be very emphatic that Galilea is not the main protagonist of her book and that her mention in it is not an isolated event since the relationship between the entertainment world and drug traffickers has several decades.

On the possible legal reprisals with which Galilea threatened, Anabel Hernandez He explained: “What I say about her I support it, the book would have to be read to understand each other and I have direct witnesses to the events. I don’t have hearsay witnesses, I don’t have witnesses that someone told him what he told him, it was a person who was directly. […] This is not a moral judgment, nor am I a judge nor do I even intend to do a kind of Holy Inquisition, that is not the objective of the book, the objective of the book is to be able to understand this phenomenon, “said the woman who has been doing it for 30 years. this kind of journalism.

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