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Andrea Meza, the Mexican winner of Miss Universe 2020, is about to leave her crown for her successor to take possession of the reign (Photo: Instagram @andreamezamx)

On May 16, Andrea Meza was crowned Miss Universe 2020, becoming the winner with the shortest, most complicated and strange reign of the pageant, because this Sunday, December 12, she will have to hand over the crown to her successor this year.

Chihuahuan Andrea Meza represented Mexico during the 69th edition of Miss Universe and became the winner, but from the beginning her reign was involved in different events that made it special and different from any other.

And it all started when the 2020 event had to be postponed for six months due to the restrictions that existed worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the fact that it was held in May, the fans of the pageant were eager to finally have a new queen and the 69th edition was very well received.

Andrea Meza became the Miss Universe with the shortest reign, because being in the middle of a pandemic, the pageant did not develop as usual (Photo: Rodrigo Varela / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

Once Meza was crowned the new Miss Universe, she had to face becoming the winner with the shortest reign, because the 70th edition had to be held in the course of this same year so as not to continue affecting others.

In addition to only wearing the crown for seven months, Andrea had to face being queen during the pandemic, with restrictions to visit other countries, hold press conferences, interview and function like her predecessors.

In an interview with Telemundo, Miss Universe recalled how her first months with the crown were, which were saturated with being glued to a screen to communicate with some media. “It started a little slow. We started about half of the interviews through Zoom, “he said.

Andrea was vaccinated in the United States. This was one of her first activities as Miss Universe in the midst of a pandemic (Photo: REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton)

In addition to this, her first trip was complicated, as she had to travel to the country of her predecessor, Zozibini Tunzi, who is from South Africa, and then she had to return to the United States to continue her busy schedule.

“The first international trip away, it was very difficult to return to the United States. Due to all the restrictions that countries have right now due to COVID, they did not know that, to arrive in South Africa, I do not have an American passport, I could not return to the United States, “said the model.

Andrea is already in Israel to pass the crown to the next Miss Universe (Photo: EFE / EPA / ATEF SAFADI)

However, they found the solution so that Miss Universe could return to the United States, and it was that, from the White House itself, a letter of exception had to be issued, which freed her from this restriction imposed in the country.

The Chihuahuan became a beauty queen different from the others, because she has always tried to be close to people, her followers on social networks and not be “unreachable” like other crowns, something that even bothered some people .

And it is that Andrea was characterized by always being interacting with the people who meet her on the street, saying hello and approaching her fans.

Andrea Meza became the presenter of the preliminary of Miss Universe 2021, accompanied by Carson Kressley (Photo: Instagram / @ andreamezamx)

“I like to be normal, and people are bothered by that because they expect an unattainable figure, they expect a perfect woman. There are no perfect people, let me tell you. And it’s tiring, having to be pretending on the cameras, having to be pretending on social networks and having to say: ‘I’m always perfect, I always feel good,’ “said Meza.

After finishing her activities with Miss Universe, she would like to dedicate herself to music and altruistic actions for the benefit of vulnerable populations.

This Sunday, December 12, she will deliver the crown to Miss Universe 2021 in the final of the competition, which can be seen through TV Azteca in Azteca UNO starting at 6:00 p.m. TNT and Telemundo will also have their respective live broadcasts. Also online, through the YouTube channel Miss Universe, the coronation can be followed.


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