Source: Angela Simmons says its hard raising a Son alone, explains to her son why his father isn't around

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35 thoughts on “Angela Simmons says its hard raising a Son alone, explains to her son why his father isn't around

  1. Should of thought about that before he was sacrifice, and I doubt he's in heaven considering he died cheating on her. God hates adultery.

  2. She not the only one 🤷🤷🤷 I'm a single mother to a nine-year-old black son do what you got to do as a parent that still remaining God don't put you through something you can't handle 😑.

  3. A single woman that comes from a very wealthy family, says its rough without his dad … so it should certainly be understood how hard it is without a dad and a regular every day paying job. Money or not, Either way it's tough without a child's father being active and present daily. Happy Mother's Day ladies. Enjoy

  4. Her baby daddy wasn't with her anyways when he passed. She acting like he married her or lived in same house with them. Girl move on because he did before he got killed.

  5. Its sad because she might not get that great guy. My granddad married my grandma because she was a single mom specifically. He said he felt bad for the kids. Granted she was also beautiful but already had 6 kids when they married. Ciara got blessed while her baby was young and I just feel the older the children get the more guarded women should be with dating because its a different breed of men now.

  6. People need to stop being so vulnerable to a bunch of strangers on social media. Then feeling like a victim when they attack the most sensitive things you exposed. If they can handle tht , go right ahead because it’s a package

  7. Yes God Bless Angela 🙏

  8. She could of had someone to help her, Romeo. But her problem is she don't like good guys, she prefers thugs. That's a choice she mad.

  9. I hate what happened to Angela, but even if her son’s father was alive she set herself up for a hard life because she was bragging about never being a single mom. She was saying how that would never happen to and that she was a virgin

  10. Im sad about the baby losing his dad and she losing her love but ……she has men in her life that can step in when needed. Many black women don't nor do they have the money or prospects. Not that im not sympathizing with her but try being a single mother with no help or money

  11. Sus is making her son her emotional blanket and that's not fair to him. He is not her man/ brother/friend he is her son. I have a son with a "I'm trying father". It would be easier if he was deceased and no not sorry to say that because as a participating parent children have a better understanding of people passing then people choosing to be absent. Why is he talking about a new man for her to marry that not a child's mind frame ever which let you know she having inappropriate conversations with a child that is out of his compasity. She is wrong for this it creates unnecessary emotions a child could potentially not go through, which could stunt their emotional growth. This is trauma bonding.

  12. This is very sad but unfortunately they're alot of fatherless children, and not because the father is deceased, they're just deadbeat dad's who choose not to be there. Good thing for her she has a good father, brother's and money which alot of us don't have.

  13. A lot of children in this community have lost a father to gun violence, my son included. Even if they weren't the greatest of fathers, death severed any chances of reconciliation. I don't think we talk about that enough along with those that just voluntarily choose not to be present. Some just simply can't cause they're no longer here.

  14. My heart hurts for anyone dealing with this. My lil sis loss the love of her live in her very early 20's(last year). He left behind a son, 2 of my nieces, one being a newborn and the other one was 3 years old. The 3 year old would cry for her dad every night for months. It was so hard for my sis to handle all of that. I also had a good friend that passed around the same time and she left behind 3 very young daughters. To make things worse, my mother has stage 4 breast cancer and doesn't have long. I take care of my 7 year old brother and plan on getting him and my daughter some help before my mother's homegoing. It's crazy how many kids that I know that has one less parent. These babies don't deserve it 😢

  15. It's only a temporary being a single mother eventually she'll find a decent loving guy that will accept her and her son. Welcome to the single mother's club 😥🌹

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