Translated From: Aracely Arámbula acknowledges that she had a relationship with Arturo Carmona

Discovered on: 2021-12-03 23:57:58

The actress Aracely Arambula She gave some statements about the relationship she had with Arturo Carmona a few years ago, and drew attention because she preferred not to talk about it for a long time.

“Arturo is someone I love very, very, very much. At the time of ‘Perfume de gardenia’ we had a very beautiful romance. He always says I deny it, but it wasn’t like that. I did not want you (the media) to harass us so much, “said the artist in an interview with the program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, Carmona provided an interview for Fernando Lozano’s YouTube channel, in which He spoke about this relationship and shared that she wanted to hide it.

Aracely said that her family was upset by the commentsIt’s about Arturo, especially his mom.

“Arturo is a great guy. We already talked about it and everything was already punished. He spoke to me and apologized and I said, while I was in Chicago doing an interview: ‘I haven’t seen anything, but what did you do, Arturo? What did you talk about more?’ “said the actress.

She assured that she currently maintains a friendship with Carmona; He even invited him to one of his theater presentations, but they could not coincide.

It was in 2011 when the artists participated together in the staging ‘Perfume de Gardenia’ and there he fell in love.

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