Translated From: Aracely Arámbula finally accepts her romance with Arturo Carmona

Discovered on: 2021-12-05 03:25:53

Aracely Arámbula is one of the most sought-after actresses in the artistic world, because in addition to having a spectacular figure and face, throughout her life, she has had some romances with celebrities in the artistic environment that any woman would like to be with. And the fact is that the Mexican had two children with nothing more and nothing less than “El Sol”, the singer Luis Miguel.

After her break with the interpreter of “Hasta que meorgó”, she had an affair with the very handsome actor, Arturo Carmona, however, until now she had not wanted to make statements about this relationship with the Mexican, who on other occasions, Yes, he has spoken of what he felt for the actress.

The romance began when they both worked on the musical Perfume de Gardenia, but she had not wanted to confirm it. However, a few weeks ago, Carmona broke the silence and told everything about his relationship with her, and also revealed why they broke up.

But now, Aracely did not want to be silent anymore and faced the speculations that were already in all the media.

In an interview for Venga La Alegría, she confessed that Arturo is someone she is very fond of and that although he says she denies it, he assures that this is not the case but he wanted to prevent journalists from “harassing” them.

“Arthur [Carmona] He is someone I love very, very, very much. At the time of Perfume de gardenia we had a very beautiful romance. He always says that I deny it, but it was not like that. I did not want you [los medios de comunicación] They will harass us so much, ”he declared.

The actor recently revealed that the two became boyfriends in Sonora, Mexico, when they were on tour. “We saw each other very often, practically every day, he had a very beautiful relationship with the children,” he said in an interview.

He also revealed that after a year of dating, they decided to end for various reasons why he felt offended, such as the relationship she still had with her ex-partner and the father of her children, Luis Miguel.

“I was already very tired of many things, I was even offended (…) I applauded that she caused the father to see his children, what I did not understand is that she went and stayed right there, it did not beat me. What I did at the time, without having the economic part that he has, is to go where my daughter was and stay in a hotel, “he said.

Given this, she said that she had not heard these statements until her mother told her what was said on social networks, but she talked to him and everything is settled.

“Arturo is a great guy. We already talked about it and everything was punished. He spoke to me and apologized and I said, while I was in Chicago doing an interview: ‘I haven’t seen anything, but what did you do, Arturo? What did you talk about more?’ “

Finally, Arámbula declared that he will not speak more about his love relationships, because he prefers to have his personal life in private.

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