Translated From: Aracely Arámbula introduces her new husband

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The actress rarely speaks or publishes about her personal life for fear of harassment from the press. However, when it comes to promoting his new projects, he does everything possible to make them a success. This time, Aracely Arambula introduced her new husband through their social networks.

The beautiful actress has plenty of suitors, and has great personalities on her list as ex-partners, including Luis Miguel, with whom he has two beautiful children. Arturo Carmona also enters the list, since he recently accepted having had a romantic relationship with the actor while performing for the play “Perfume de gardenias”.

Aracely Arámbula’s new partner

This time the actress of soap operas such as “Corazón Salvaje” and “Hug me very strong” showed off her new fictional partner calling him “new husband”. With a photograph in which they are seen very close together, Aracely Arámbula presented Alejandro de la Madrid as a romantic interest for the new series “La rebelión”.

Working with much love for you, here I present my husband in ‘La Rebelión’. Here Mauricio and Monica”, introduced the actress to the characters that she and de la Madrid play.

“La Chule” also took the opportunity to thank him for returning to the screen again, as he claims to have missed doing this type of project. “Very grateful to return to the set after a long time of pandemic in which I really missed performing for you my beautiful Arafamily”.

The actor who has participated in projects such as “José José, the prince of the song” and “Idol Wars” also excitedly mentioned his “new relationship” with Aracely Arámbula. “We can already tell! With this beauty of a woman that after so many years we have to coincide, play and enjoy, wife”.

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