Translated From: Aracely Arámbula shows off her new husband.

Discovered on: 2022-01-19 19:54:42

Aracely Arambula start the year with a new tv project, since, will be part of the cast of the series ‘The Rebellion of the Wives‘, so he was very happy and shared a post on his instagram account with more details.

Along with the photos of the publication, the beautiful actress was seen very happy next to her project husband, the actor Alejandro de la Madrid, with whom he will share cameras in this new series and will bring to life the marriage from ”Mauricio” Y ”Monica”.

“Working with a lot of love for you, here I present my husband in ‘La Rebelión de las Esposas’, here Mauricio and Mónica, I love starting the year with this project that excites me a lot,” wrote the actress.

Here you can see the publication:

At the same time, she expressed the joy she gets from working with the handsome actor, with whom she has a excellent relationship and hope to convey that link on the screen: ”What a joy to be able to work again with my beloved Alejandro de la Madrid, I laugh so much with you, I enjoy the laughter! and how beautiful after so much time of great affection and now reunited here,” he wrote.

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Skip Ad © The beautiful actress returns to the set after a hiatus due to the pandemic. Aracely Arambula

Also, he recounted grateful which is found by back on set, after being away due to the pandemic: “Very grateful to return to the set after a long time of pandemic in which I really missed acting and doing television for you my beautiful family.”

© The actor will be Arámbula’s husband in the series. Alexander of the Madrid

For his part, the 44 year old actor, also shared the joy of being able to work with her dear friend again: “With this beauty of a woman who after so many years we have to coincide, play and enjoy, wife, thank you!”, he expressed. In the cast of this new project for a streaming platform, also participate Anna Serradilla, Adriana Paz Y Daniela Vega, by the director Inaki Penafiel.

© Part of the cast of the series The Rebellion of the Wives. Cast of Rise of the Wives

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