Translated From: Arcángel’s brother, Justin Santos, dies in traffic accident

Discovered on: 2021-11-21 20:41:02


San Juan / 11.21.2021 14:41:02

Justin Santos, brother of the famous reggaeton singer Arcángel, died early this Sunday, November 21, in a traffic accident in San Juan (Dominican Republic), according to local media reports. The news was later confirmed by the singer on his Instagram account, where he dedicated a few words about the event.

According to a security camera, the 21-year-old was driving a Can-Am when a 46-year-old woman identified as María was allegedly drunk across the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan to Carolina and collided with the artist’s brother .

Due to the impact, Justin was expelled from the Can-Am and died from the blows he received. Another young man who was a passenger was also thrown out of the Can-Am and was only injured. As if this were not enough, one more vehicle was affected in the accident.

The driver who caused the incident was injured and was taken to a hospital. They also report that they will take blood samples to corroborate or rule out that she was drunk, as the police suspect.

Archangel reacts to the death of his brother Justin

The reggaeton Arcángel reacted by writing through his Instagram account that he is “nothing and no one” to demand or claim God for the death of his brother.

“I am nothing or no one to demand of you, much less claim anything from you Father, I was taught that your will, whatever happens, must be respected and accepted! (Sic)”, expressed Austin Santos. “And although it hurts to an inexplicable level If so, your will, I repeat that I accept it, Dad. Now I do believe that I am in a position to ask you for strength and understanding to guide us …! “


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