Translated From: Archangel: Justin Santos, the singer’s brother, died

Discovered on: 2021-11-22 14:31:39

Reggaeton Arcángel is going through a hard family moment because his brother Justin Santos died at dawn on Sunday, November 21, in a accident traffic on a bridge in San Juan, according to local media.

As indicated, Santos, 21, was driving a Can-Am when a woman, who has not been identified, was allegedly drunk on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the opposite direction from San Juan to Carolina and when she collided with the artist’s brother.

Due to the impact, Justin santos He was expelled from the Can-Am and died from the blows he received. Another young man who was a passenger was also expelled and was injured. In addition, after receiving the impact, he collided with another vehicle.

The accident occurred at 02.35 (06.35 GMT) -local time- and was recorded by the security cameras of the bridge. The driver was injured and was taken to a hospital. Blood samples will be taken from this woman to corroborate or rule out that she was drunk, according to the police. (EFE)

Who is and how did Justin Santos die?

Justin Santos is Austin’s brother, better known as Archangel, and he was 21 years old. The young man was the son of Carmen Rosas, a member of the famous female group ‘Las Chicas del Can’. According to his social networks, he worked at Flow Factory, a company dedicated to managing artists and his mother’s company.

The tragedy that mourned the Santos family on Sunday, November 21, is still under investigation. It was the journalist Sylvia Hernández who reported the unfortunate accident that occurred on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge (Puerto Rico) where Justin died and his partner ended up injured.

So far the case is still under investigation since, as mentioned, the authorities will still determine if the woman who caused the accident was in a state of drunkenness.


I understood that reference

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