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Arturo Carmona, famous Mexican actor, caught the attention after providing details of the reasons that led him to end his love affair with Aracely Arámbula, actress and mother of two children of Luis Miguel. Even the Mexican artist assured that he became like the father of the famous’s children.

In an interview with the driver Fernando Lozano, Carmona confessed that his relationship with Arcely was affected by the ‘shadow’ left by Luis Miguel, popularly known as “El Sol”.

“Yes, we were a couple, we were boyfriends … We make ‘Gardenia Perfume’, she is Gardenia, I am the villain of the story, we live together a lot. We began to live together … We became engaged in Sonora precisely, on tour, at a dinner in which Jorge Salinas, Elizabeth Álvarez, very cool, and we saw each other very often, practically every day ”, revealed the actor.

The Mexican artist acknowledged that it seemed disrespectful to him that the protagonist of “La Doña” stayed with Luis Miguel when his children visited the singer.

“I applauded that she pretended and caused the father to see his children, what I did not understand is that she should go and stay right there. What i did at that time [en esa misma situación]Without having airplanes, I went to where my daughter was and stayed in a hotel. You have to respect yourself, “he said about the actress’s visits to her ex.

Another factor that influenced the end of his romance with Aracely was that the actress hid their relationship. “I was very tired of many things. The funny thing is that the whole family [de ella] he was with me, I was offended, I was also hiding, I thought: ‘I’m not so lying on the cot that you are hiding me,’ “he revealed.

“I started to get tired and apart I hid myself, [pensé] ‘What am I doing here?’ There came a time when I got tired and she understood it very well and today we talked about it and she tells me that she would have liked to go back in time, “she said.

Finally, Arturo Carmona said that he had achieved a very close bond with the actress’s children, even saying that he became “like the father of those children.”

“The children and I had a very nice bond… we lived together. I dare say that I became the father of those children at that time. I want to have more children, imagine ”, said Carmona.


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