15 thoughts on “ASMR whisper ramble + applying nails & tapping ✨

  1. Hi Leah 😀
    I have missed your video uploads over the last month. I know there have been emotional things going on in your life in recent times and I hope that the future is really bright for you now.
    I do think you look younger than nearly 19. Will you be making a birthday video?
    I hope you know that your subscribers think the world of you and are here for you.
    I hope you are doing well today. 💗

  2. hey! i've been struggle with heartbreak about last 5 months. I know it's so hard to deal with that but trust me everything is gonna be ok. I'm not saying that to comfort you or make you feel better I just know that kind of things really breaks but in that time it heals you. I know it's hard to live without the person you love, admire and have fun with but you can live without needing anyone.. i have been in so many places in my head since we broke up with that person but i'm healing.. I believe you're gonna heal too very soon. If you wanna talk about anything or everything i'm here for you babe!! Good luck with life🤞💗 Also loved your new ring it looked more beautiful with your nails.💜

  3. Interesting if the if the internet crashed, how would people make ad revenue ❓ 🤣

    People jumping on the bandwagon. I love ASMR , but it’s just hilarious how it seems artist just copy each other & then they pushed ( MY PATREON ) for money 💵, LOL 😂

    Sorry for your breakup , but millions in Ukraine 🇺🇦 are fighting for their survival right now 🔥, I think 💭 that is much more serious. Thus, your healthy & young. Appreciate what you DO HAVE . We better hope to GOD that conflict didn’t result in WW3

    Peace ☮️

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