46 thoughts on “Auntie Fee At TMZ Part 3 With Harvey

  1. black people do not wrinkle as fast as us white dead zombie looking people.  melanin or something in their skin.  i think it helps them be better at sports and music as well.

    i'll be in good shape like him but wrinkly like an empty doritos bag.

    tmz is just nonsense , not sure how i got here

  2. I love this woman!!! I check everyday for more videos!! My sister says I swear like a trucker now, but other than picking of a few new words and some attitude, I'm the same Mary fuckin Poopins, I've always been!! Actually, I'm happier than a muthafucka watchin these videos!! Now when I'm at work and some bitch is pissing me off, I channel me some Auntie Fee (under my breath, I curse that bitch out and thank god I don't work in a kitchen, cuz I just might cut a bitch!) LOL I love you Auntie Fee!!! Keep them videos coming, don't listen to the haters!!! They are too damn stupid to see genius & too narrow minded to enjoy you!! You are real & it's refreshing!!! The last time I laughed like this was when Bernie Mac & Dave Chappelle were on!! You are my new "go to drug!" I'm addicted!!

  3. Also remember this when you are faced with haters…the Word says…."Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over" (Psalm 23:5).
    Of all the wonderful promises God gives us in the 23rd Psalm, this is one of the most glorious. Think of what he is pledging to do for us here: He says he's going to set a table for us, spread wonderful food upon it, then put on a waiter's apron and serve us a feast. And he does all of this in front of our enemies.

  4. You are doing it girlfriend! May Blessings keep falling upon, you are helping somebody feed there families or some college student in their dorm room etc… Shoot you are help me and I am a chef. Now I can help someone on low budget.
    Please don't change you are wonderful the way you are!

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