Source: Azealia Banks Draggs The F out of Nicki Minaj, her husband, her Sil Cakez, her music, Media used her

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44 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Draggs The F out of Nicki Minaj, her husband, her Sil Cakez, her music, Media used her

  1. Correct. What's Azealia been said make sense and rightfully so. Speaking about irony of the token being dragged and scrutinised, she is the personification of 'that' of her whole career since started. But I guess speaking from the person who's experienced it so many times as to advice others.

  2. Not a big fan of AB but she speaking truth. All that ish ol girl put in her body, direct contradiction to this vaxx issue. And yes it’s selfish. People all on this my rights shit. So worried about “your rights” but it’s ok to possibly get others sick and cause deaths. This entire situation is about being selfless and concerned about others and how you can hurt them, and not being selfish and thinking about yourself. That’s exactly why we as Americans are so far behind other countries with this pandemic. Because we are so selfish. Other countries are worried about their fellow man and woman and trying to protect each others health. And AB hit another point about ol girl helping her dude intimidate his victim. And she is being used like dumb ass Candace Owen’s. Who didn’t even know that America wasn’t one of the first countries to end slavery. Candace speaks proper but her info is always off. AB really spit the knowledge and all these fans and anti vaxx people need to get a grip. Side note, if you’ve researched, you’d know that the vaxx has been worked on since the Ebola pandemic. It’s from that and has been worked on since that point. That’s what was used. You clowns swear you all reading and doing research but clearly haven’t. AB just spit more truth than Candace Owen’s entire puppet career, and this entire Nicki debacle. And those talking about why she don’t come at men, she’s not supposed to come at men. She comin at a woman like she should. Nicki do that with men because she knows they can’t fight her. FOH. Thank AB for spittin the facts on this issue

  3. She needs her own show cause she is not even important anymore to just do stuff for clout im so sick of this girl ugh black women can't never support each other regardless what it is where is her man or soon to be husband ill wait

  4. Azealia looks pretty in tht thumbnail pic. The right makeup really suits her. That foundation & concealer, highlighter, contour (wtfevr you wanna call it-I'm not big on makeup or tutorials😁) makes her face pop. And love the burgundy lip color + eyeshadow that complements it!!! If nobody said or noticed this-sht I DID😹(fck wht everybody else is tlkn about)😹✌🏼~

  5. 🙋🏽‍♀️My apology but who is this Bishh with the Nerve… So Disrespectful. Energy vampire. Why she attacking her??? She addressing a real matter and asking valid questions.

  6. Yawns 🥱 this chic is mixing apples with oranges, to prove a point that those who are informed won't fall for. Bitter Betty can never be taken seriously because there is always some envy/jealousy behind it.

  7. I Agree with everything nicki said!! NOBODY NEEDS TO BULLY YOU TO GET ANYTHING!!!…… Azelia just a mule for the establishment she wants a check and to be picked so she can go viral and get them on her side…. She is fake af!!

  8. Let’s say every one gets the jab then what your still not protected because the jabs does not protect you nor does it build a tolerance against the disease like other regular jabs we got when we was little so if are lives are still at risk then what’s the use we alllll ran out there to get it it only to find out it didn’t do any thing we stilll gotta get another one then another then another now this is making me think what the f Is really up we went from stay in the house for 14 days and it will go away to wear a mask to oh get the jab to oh get another jab to oh you might have to keep getting jabbed to oh the jab still won’t protect you to now you can’t work alllll in 1 year now don’t that sound familiar don’t that ring a freaking BELL wake up wake up Mathew chp 24 verses 9— — 44 so next people get put in jail or concentration camps to make a decision or be ki l-l ed

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