Translated From: Belinda appears with a powerful dress for spring

Discovered on: 2022-03-24 18:14:24

Beli winning (with looks) as always.

Belinda has been in the midst of controversy in recent weeks, after ending the engagement with Christian Nodal. And despite her constant attacks against her, she has managed to dodge them with great attitude and with that style that has characterized her for years.

There is no better way to deal with criticism than with a lot of style, and Belinda knows that perfectly. After reappearing on the cover of L’Officiel India magazine in a dress that was compared to Lady Di’s revenge after her divorce from Prince Charles, the singer did it again.

About to premiere her first series on Netflix “Welcome to Eden”, Belinda is in promotion as well as a promising return to her artistic career, so she recently attended the Spanish radio station ‘Hit FM’ to talk about some topics related to their projects and their perception of the music industry.

Belinda wears dress in key “look what you missed”

For the visit to the famous radio station, Belinda wore a powerful cream-colored dress with blue flowers, which perfectly highlighted her silhouette, with long sleeves and a turtle neck.

To complete the main garment with spring tones, the actress also wore a pair of heels with a nude color bracelet, along with a natural beauty look and wet hair.

Belinda is currently in Spain, and before presenting this look with which she looked wonderful and with which she made a small accent to the phrase “look what you let go”, she attended a party organized by Elle Spain magazine in which it did not go unnoticed.

At the event held in Madrid, Belinda appeared in a black two-piece set made up of a long-sleeved off-the-shoulder top and a straight skirt with a pronounced opening on the left side. For the occasion, she also opted for a natural beauty look and wet hair, just as she did during her visit on ‘Hit FM’. Without forgetting that referring to her Spanish roots, she posed with a fan.

Belinda winning as always, once again showed that the best way to face a breakup (full of criticism) is with style and attitude because not everything has to do with clothes.

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