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Belinda It is one of the famous ones that has taken the longest to publish in Instagram his first photo of 2022; he finally did, and all his fans have been pleasantly pleased. In the image, she is shown from the back and on the beach, wearing a micro bikini with a patterned thong that highlighted her rear.

Just a month ago the beautiful singer and actress caused a sensation by sharing a video in which, lying on the sand, she showed off her statuesque figure, wearing a black bikini and with the message “That feeling of sand on the skin …” as a complement.

Belinda has always expressed well of Danna Paola, an artist that many consider as her competition; recently the theater producer Alexander Gou unveiled on the television show “Today” that her wish is to bring the two singers together in a staging, so he is determined to undertake a project that would be the dream of the fans of both artists.

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