Translated From: Belinda taught it: she posed without a bra and you can see a part of her breast

Discovered on: 2022-04-02 21:37:15

Belinda will be residing in Madrid, Spain, at least for the next six months.

Photo: Juan Carlos Hidalgo / EFE

Belinda has resumed her public image and thus also her most sensual poses. And it is that this young singer is in addition to being an actress, designer and businesswoman, she is also a model. After her separation from Christian Nodal, the singer had stopped appearing. Of course her absence was slight, she didn’t withdraw completely either. But she had been handling a lighter image.

Now he has returned, gradually returning to normalcy in his life, although public opinion seems to be divided. Some are with her, others with Nodal. There is no doubt that the Will Smith scandal has allowed many other dramas to see their impact in the world of entertainment reduced. Because after a few days Noda and Belinda or whatever was between them became history.

They say that he removed the tattoo in her honor. They say that she also erased the one she had done for him. They say that she will keep the diamond and that they have already seen her use it again. They say a lot. However, something is clear. Belinda returned and a new photo session showed it: she posed without a bra and a part of her breast is visible.

Accidents happen, that’s for sure. But in this image it seems rather intentional, it is part of the style of the garment. She doesn’t stop looking pretty for this. Belinda is not characterized by this either. Although yes, her image always gives a lot to talk about.

This is the image in which you can see the base of Belinda’s right breast.

Tattoos in honor of Belinda

Lupillo Rivera and Christian Nodal got tattooed in honor of Belinda. And with these two one could have said stop counting, but it seems that Jared Leto would be willing to do the same for her. In addition to considering her beautiful, she assured that she is an extremely talented woman.

It will be that these words have already reached the young interpreter. Will Jared Leto join the list of celebrities who have succumbed to the charms of this celebrity. No one knows what the future holds for Belinda. There are those who believe that there is a possibility of reconciliation between her Nodal. But others believe that everything is already past water and that love is completely over.

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