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Benjamín Vicuña consolidates his relationship with Eli Sulichín, friend of Pampita

Love can appear in the most unexpected place. In fact, after separating from Eugenia la China Suárez, mother of his children Magnolia and Amancio, Benjamín Vicuña could not imagine that Cupid would surprise him neither more nor less than in the house of his other ex, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, with whom he had to his older descendants: Blanquita (died in 2012), Bautista, Benicio and Beltrán. Who was the crush with? Neither more nor less than with Eli Sulichín, one of the closest friends of the model.

Everything happened on December 18 at the baptism of Ana, the baby that Pampita had with her current husband, Roberto García Moritán, with whom, by the way, the Chilean maintains an excellent relationship. Invited to the celebration, Vicuña would have been captivated when he met this 32-year-old girl, the daughter of a banker, who recently established a great friendship with the former ShowMatch jury. And, from that moment, they would have started a relationship that would have had the approval of the model herself.

The truth is that, until now, no paparazzi had been able to capture the brand new couple. But it was Sulichín herself who, from her private Instagram account, shared a photo with the Chilean and a group of friends, while enjoying the sunset in Punta del Este, where they are spending their vacations. “Team sunset”, he wrote next to the postcard that the account @ Chusmeteando1 spread.

Eli Sulichín with Benjamín Vicuña and friends

Born into a wealthy family, Eli is dedicated to marketing and, until now, had a face unknown to the press. However, Pampita would not be her only friend in the middle. The young woman is very close to Mica and Francisco, two of Marcelo Tinelli’s children, whom she would know as neighbors in La Boyita, a place where both the Sulichín and the driver have their summer homes. She is also very close to the daughters of the lawyer Ana Rosenfeld, with whom they also often meet in Punta del Este. However, this would be the first time he has paired up with a famous man.

As he prepares for the debut of Telefe’s new telenovela, The First of Us, and continues filming the film Lie to Me, Vicuña is very focused on his next goal: on February 20 he will hold his first Olympic triathlon, Ironman, for the which has been in the making for months. The test consists of 1,500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling and 10 kilometers of running.

His coach, Maximiliano Martínez Monzón, explained to Teleshow: “He had a very good rugby base in Chile as a boy and spectacular conditions for the sport, adapting to any terrain.” They started training twice a week, adapting the schedules to those of the shootings and now the intensity multiplied and they have about four meetings: “In them we tackle the three modalities of the triathlon from less to more, with series of two hours each training session”. How did the idea of ​​doing an Ironman come about? “He came out of great talks and training together where I told him incredible stories of my experiences in the Ironman Triathlon. As I say, he is a race athlete, agile, dynamic and with great physical strength”, he explained.


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